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Montessori Mouse

Montessori Mouse


Montessori Mouse

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The element of discovery is very important in the Montessori method of education.

The Montessori Mouse  begins the exploration of the physical.
The child may choose to be calm and enjoy cuddling the mouse.
She may like to see herself in the mirror,
When will she discover the legs are fun – maybe daddy will play with them first.
Soft velour  42cm tall  cuddle mouse.

Inside is a Ding Dong chime.

Legs form a  a loop. As you pull one leg the other gets shorter.

Squeeze a patch on the hand or foot to makes a squeak.

Shaking a hand or foot makes a rattle.

Rub my Crinkly Ears for a new sound and feel.
Move me around and hear my chime.

Open the velcro flap on my tummy and look at yourself in a mirror.

Activities : Ding Dong Chime, Mirror, Rattle, Squeak , Crinkly leaves,Pull my Leg.


Comes unboxed.






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