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Montessori Toys

Montessori Toys

If you are looking for Montessori Materials for a Montessori classroom please visit the webshop https://montessorimaterials.ie . The toys in this section have Montessori features such the element of discovery, self correction and isolation of difficulty. Reading , Writing and Maths are not part of the child’s natural learning they must be taught to the child. Indirect preparation is important. Building listening, speaking, gross motor and fine motor skills, concentration are all incremental building of a skill set for reading, writing and maths. The Play and Learn ethos of education is not at odds with Montessori Education. Maria Montessori observed that children prefer doing the real thing rather than pretending to do it. A child prefers to cut a real loaf of bread with a real knife rather than pretend to cut a wooden loaf of bread with a pretend wooden knife. A Montessori classroom is a community of individuals learning by choice at their own pace. If you are looking for Educational Toys in general the toys in the Lets Grow webshop are used in Play and Learn Preschools.

Alphabet Letters – magnetic

   9.95 Inc. Vat

Musical Sensory Quilt – from birth

   59.95 Inc. Vat

Phonics -Little Wise Toys

   16.50 Inc. Vat

Versaboard – view video

   19.95 Inc. Vat

Wall Calendar Killian & Kate

   59.00 Inc. Vat

Alphabet Arch – view video

   13.50 Inc. Vat

Montessori Mouse

   29.95 Inc. Vat

Routine Bingo

   16.75 Inc. Vat

Touchtronic Placeholder

   12.50 Inc. Vat

Frog Stacker with 8 sensory activities. – from 6 mths.

   29.95 Inc. Vat

Activity House for Baby 9 months Plus.

   29.95 Inc. Vat

Crayon Finish Wooden Knobbed Puzzle Fruit

   24.95 Inc. Vat

Flik Flak Bead Maze – from 1 year.

   19.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Colour and Sound Matching Balls

   69.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Sound and Colour Matching Blocks

   69.95 Inc. Vat

Colour Shape Sorter from 18 months.

   39.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Through There

   17.75 Inc. Vat

Wooden Farm Figures set of 16 pieces

   18.95 Inc. Vat

Number Puzzle – from 3 years.

   16.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Threading Beads Large Size

   22.95 Inc. Vat

Farm Crayon style Knobbed Inset Puzzle

   37.50 Inc. Vat

Teddy’s Day – from 2 years.

   19.95 Inc. Vat


   79.95 Inc. Vat

Braiding Board – from 3 years.

   15.00 Inc. Vat

CVC Flips

   12.50 Inc. Vat

Daily Rhythm 4 Wooden Puzzles – from 3 years

   39.95  35.95 Inc. Vat

Farmer Plants an Apple Tree Story Puzzle

   12.95 Inc. Vat

Numbers 1 to 10 with tracing groove

   11.01 Inc. Vat

Nuts and Bolts Exercise from 3 years.

   28.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Germany Hammer Game – from 3 years.

   24.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Threading Beads and String

   20.50 Inc. Vat

Sina Threading Beads Game from 3 years.

   12.50 Inc. Vat

Spelling Flips

   16.70 Inc. Vat

CVC Bingo

   16.75 Inc. Vat

CVC Puzzles

   16.70 Inc. Vat

CVC Toolbox – view video.

   29.95 Inc. Vat

CVC Tri-Blocks Tub – View Video

   34.95 Inc. Vat

CVC Word Strips – view video

   29.95 Inc. Vat

CVC Builders Activity Cards

   25.75 Inc. Vat

CVC Word Factory

   25.75 Inc. Vat

4 Seasons Layer Puzzle

   29.95 Inc. Vat