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Tolo Baby Awareness Set
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Tolo Baby Awareness Set

Selection of 6 top quality baby rattles for grasping,listening, rolling and cause and effect action. Made of plastic.Easy hold and turn hour glass rattle- watch the multi coloured beads cascading down from the top to the bottom and back again. Five strong built in handles. Size 9 cm x 11 cm The ball within a ball rattle. Easy to hold plastic ball with peeping holes revealing a second ball inside containing a rattling bead. Size: 9 cm diameter.Twist and Turn rattle. A colourful plastic ring filled with beads. The ring can be twisted and turned into different shapes without coming apart. Intriguing not only for the small child. Size: 14 cm x 10 cm. The ball within the cylinder rattle. Trapped inside this open side cylinder is a ball containing rattle beads. The cylinder has rounded ends for Roly Poly action. When pushed on its side and rolled along the floor, the ball produces a regular clacking sound. Size: 8cm x 8cm. Chiming Cube. Suspended inside this open sided cube is a large ball. When the ball is turned a pleasant chime rings out. Size 7cm x 7cm. Abacus Rattle. 9 coloured plastic rings are beaded onto an easy grip frame. Size: 9cm x 9cm

Supplier: Letsgrow
Item Id: TL0027

SymbolAge suitability 3m+

Price(Ex Vat): €40.61
Price(Inc. VAT): €49.95


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