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Bad Debt Caroline Murphy carolinemurphy@aib.ie
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Bad Debt Caroline Murphy Bad Debt
Caroline Murphy
110 The Village
Dublin 15
087 8422496

Caroline Murphy ordered a second Hexagonal table to match one she bought 2 years earlier.
As we did not have the 46cm size we supplied one at 50cm until we had the 46cm legs back in stock.
It was explained to Caroline Murphy that we would not look for payment until we supplied the 46cm table.
When the table was replaced with the new one Caroline was on holidays and her brother opened up the school and helped swop the tables around.
The invoice was left and Caroline was to pay when she returned from holidays.
No payment was received.
It was evident that the table had been replaced as the old one was 4cm above the other table and now they were level.
Having sent her numerous letters she emailed saying she had no idea that the table had been replaced.
She stated that she " I certainly do not do business without settling my bills on receipt of the product and cannot understand what has happened in this case."
She stated " Chasing me for a bill dated 3 years ago seems most unfair as I have since stopped working and have had 2 children since with twins in the coming weeks, money isn't free flowing and available as it was in 2012."
Caroilne Murphy has received the table she ordered and refuses to pay.
It is our policy to give the customer all information necessary and sufficient time to pay.
Caroline Murphy accepts she received the table but refuses to pay.

Invoice 2914 Caroline Murphy.
Caroline Murphy Invoice 2914


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